April 22, 2017

Glenn Clark

I was born in Kelowna in 1959 and have lived in the Okanagan all but ten years of my life. Although its charm has changed over the years, I still enjoy its character, the varied terrain, climate and its history.

In kindergarten I was already working towards being an “artist’.  i was influenced early by the work of my late uncle David found laying about. Finally, in my mid twenties, I decided it was time to take things more seriously and graduated two years later with a diploma from Okanagan College (Distinction) then a BFA from the The University of Calgary.

Immediately after graduating I began part time work at the Penticton Art Gallery (1991) where I met my wife and fellow artist Camille.  She’s a `talent, check her out at Funky Face Art by Camille.

Most of my early career was consumed creating public murals, commissions and later exhibition projects. I have exhibited extensively across Western Canada and in 2015 I was honored as Okanagan Visual Artist of the Year after creating the kinetic exhibition Wackem Sackem.

After almost twenty years of working from makeshift, tent, basement or rented studios, I was finally able to build a purpose-built studio with the help of my hockey buddies who call it the Clarkademy.  It’s my happy place for sure.