December 21, 2015

Carol Munro

Carol Munro began painting in Vancouver in the early 1970’s. She was a pupil of Chinese brush master Lam Chin Shek; artist Jack Wise, his close friend at the Bau-Xi Gallery, was her mentor.After retiring from a career in teaching, writing and broadcasting, Carol established a studio and started to paint full-time. She and her family relocated to the Okanagan Valley, and in 2004 she began studying with artist and teacher Thea Haubrich, who catalyzed the renaissance of encaustic painting in Western Canada. Carol’s work explores the concept that visual experience occurs within our own minds. If the act of seeing unfolds inside us, then it follows that the scenes we love are ones we ourselves have constructed. “I always work onward from the previous piece, which means leaving things behind. I often work in series, because I can explore a theme, figure out how to best use the material involved. I use that artistic loam to germinate the next body of work, which is always just out of sight, around the corner, ready to bloom.” Her encaustic and mixed media art has earned many awards, making her a source of inspiration for emerging and established artists alike. Tumbleweed Gallery and Saint-Germain Cafe Gallery in Penticton represent her work. An Active Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists, Carol also belongs to CanWax West.