Opening Reception – Wild

Opening Reception at the Tumbleweed Gallery

452 Main Street, Penticton

Thursday, November 23rd from 5pm to 8pm

Art Gallery Penticton South Okanagan

Opening Reception – Tumbleweed Penticton

Featured Artists:

The work of Liz Marshal is bright and packed with colour, shapes and whimsy. Her art takes many forms: from a wall of small 4″x4″ squares, to large works on paper. Layers build up on top of each other, accompanied by glazes, textures, charcoal and pen. Liz is fascinated with resist techniques, and the patterns created by negative space.

The art of Carol Munro takes many forms, including: encaustic and mixed media paintings, encaustic monotypes and dimensional pieces involving handmade paper. She is fascinated by  a sense of cycles; of movement, recurrence and belonging. The persistent whisper of things  just out of sight. She describes the sense that there are forces and presences at work, which are oddly familiar at some deep animal level of our perception. Her artwork is shaped by the nature and geography of her surroundings in the Okanagan Valley.

Kirsten Robertson paints still life images; fruit hanging heavy on a branch, or in a bowl surrounded by the empty darkness. Her art plays with negative space and unseen tensions: it is something altogether different, exciting and new.

The art of Jessie Dunlop is odd and unsettling. It is inspired by fairy tales, found images and the dark stirrings of the imagination. She works on canvas and birch-wood panels. Little watercolour artworks are also a passion.

Vikki Drummond is influenced by her Italian roots. Her work is abstract, with layers of colour built up, scratched away and painted once more. Drummond keeps painting until the art work feels right.